Lucy Angel Hyde

Lucy Angel Hyde


You're done with the cocoon. Your wings are ready.

It's time to fly.

What if everything you want is much closer than you think? Success. Happiness. Fulfillment. Purpose. Drive. Passion. Love. Achievement. Impact. Adventure. Hope. Courage. Spirit. Peace. LEGACY.... What if it were easy?


What if everything you've ever told yourself about your potential was way, way off the mark? Your power is greater than you know, and so much more is possible. You haven't even come close to hitting your edge yet.

What if you already have all the tools you need to succeed?​ Working with me doesn't create a 'new you'. It doesn't teach you anything about who or how you 'should' be. It doesn't hold all the answers. YOU do.


Has anyone ever asked you the right questions? All I do is hold up a mirror. In it, you will see yourself clearly.

I am in your blind spot. I will say things to you that nobody else has ever dared. I reflect your truth back to you: a gentle provocation from a place of complete acceptance and love. I will always tell you the truth, and call you out on your excuses. Together we create a sacred space for you to grow.


And your whole world will change.


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Find your true potential

I am an elite life coach and clinical hypnotherapist, combining the two disciplines to offer a unique approach to creating ‘impossible’ changes for people seeking to uncover their true potential. 

My work is grounded in a single powerful message: You create your own reality. You are capable of having and being anything you wish. It's never a zero sum game, and you don't have to compromise. You can have it all, and what's more, it can be EASY. You already have everything it takes. If only you knew how limitless you are!

If you are willing to transcend 'good enough' to become incredible, we work together to break down self-limiting beliefs and step into a new way of living: with a deep sense of congruence, integrity, purpose, passion and play. We bring to the surface the strengths, power and presence you only had a whisper of awareness were available to you before. 

Our work together creates magic, not by adding more *stuff* for you to do - sure, you learn all the skills, strategies, techniques, and life hacks you could ever need to become an expert at living in an enviably successful way. But the most beautiful magic happens when we start peeling back, lifting away layer after layer of stories that you've told yourself about who you are and what you're capable of. Our work goes DEEP, holding space for your unique voice, talents and gifts to rise and to thrive in full expression. That's where we do our work, and from that place, everything is possible.

I like to work with a high flame. Deep service of my people requires an uncommon level of honesty. I can be relied on to tell you things your best friend wouldn't. Working with me is not for the faint of heart. But for those brilliant few who are bored of 'comfortable' and want to grow, the results are phenomenal

My background is in law, and I practiced as a family law barrister in Temple, London until 2010, when I took a leap into the unknown to follow my passion. That was the best decision I ever made. I am now based in Kent, England, where I live in the beautiful countryside, and work with people from all over the world. I am a multiple business owner, writer, artist, competitive powerlifter, and loving mum of three beautiful children.


Every transformation begins with a ritual...

Ritual lies at the heart of the magic of change. It doesn't just sit in the dogma of religion and mysticism. Ritual is everywhere: a drama we create in which we are both actor and audience. It creates shifts by focusing the mind and marking the moment of change. It embellishes the moment with a special significance, a permission to transform, to move on. 


We mark the days we cross into and out of this world. We mark the seasons, the years, the anniversaries. We ritualise the celebrations, the beginnings, the couplings, the endings. We have inductions, celebrations, feasts, dances, songs, moments of respectful silence.


We mark the moments that matter. 


I mark the moment we begin working together by calling forward the best of you, speaking straight to your potential, from my heart to yours.


I do not work with contracts. If you need a contract to hold you to your word, you are not ready to work with me. Instead, together we create a set of powerful agreements that form the heart of our work, and they are based on honour, nothing more and nothing less. 

Each person I work with fully commits themselves to these seven sacred agreements:



Our working relationship is a space of deep trust and total acceptance. There is absolute confidentiality. No stories from within our working relationship are shared outside of our working relationship without express permission. 


I AM my word. My word is the measure my honour. When I give my word, it is iron. If ever I fail to keep my word, I take action to mend my word and return it to integrity.


I bring my whole self to the working relationship, and I choose for that relationship to be powerful. I agree to tell the truth and not hold back in fear, embarrassment, or shame. If our work is not creating what I desire, I commit to bringing that into our work space for exploration.


I have the courage to be vulnerable and to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I am willing to tell on myself, and not gloss over the grit. I am willing to re-examine stories I have told myself about who and how I am, and explore the parts of me I keep in shadow.



I set the pace of our work together, and I control its intensity. I can ask that the heat be increased or softened. I understand I won't always know when the time is right for intense heat in our work, however I also understand my coach will always ask permission before asking a white hot question.


I create my world with agreements, not expectations. If I notice I have an unmet expectation, I will seek to create a clear agreement.


I meet the world with level eyes. I look up to no-one, and look down on no-one. Our working relationship maintains level eyes. I am under no obligation to accept every challenge given to me, AND I understand that our work together requires that I push the edges of my comfort zone. I am willing to take action, and I am willing to grow.


Such are the incredible people I work with. Are you one of them? 

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The Sanctuary, Granite Gym, St Batholomew's Chapel, High Street, Rochester, Kent, ME4 4ED

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