Deep, deep down, you know what you're made of. You are pure potential, capable of creating massive impact in the world with your life and work. Sometimes that potential glimmers in your mind like a part-remembered dream, reminding you of your power. Sometimes it pulls at your heart when you feel the dissonance between where you are right now, and the life you'd envisioned for yourself, full of purpose, passion, happiness, and adventure.


What if there is no upper limit to how incredible your life can be? What if the seemingly impossible not only became possible, but became easy? You CAN have everything you want. It's all so much closer than you think.


The transformations my clients achieve look like magic from the outside. From the inside, you'll learn that I work with a powerful set of agreements that create a strong container into which we both pour our fire, our heart, and our power. This is how diamonds are made: heat, pressure, and a strong container. The moment carbon becomes a diamond seems like a miracle, when really it's just the natural and predictable result of the process it goes through.



If I called you to join me in a magical adventure, would you come?


The Warrior Circle

The Warrior Circle is a six month intensive group coaching program, sharing the Warrior Work in its entirety. If you know my work, you'll understand that becoming a warrior has nothing to do with aggression or fighting, and EVERYTHING to do with becoming the most powerful, balanced, embodied, natural, and peaceful version of you.


For six months we work closely together to completely transform. Developing this new way of being will cost you your old one. Becoming a warrior CHANGES you. Irrevocably. By the end of this journey you will be unrecognisable to yourself. 

Here is a sample of what we will cover together:

  • Create a strong, capable body

  • Develop vibrant health

  • Learn to commit so powerfully it moves worlds

  • Make your word unbreakable

  • Dramatically increase your physical and mental resilience

  • Grow your courage

  • Release anger and never be a victim again

  • Overcome your fears, even fear of dying

  • Remove obstacles to your full physical expression

  • Step into your power and gravitas

  • Love, without fear, and without ego

  • Get clarity about who you are, what your purpose is, and what lights up your passion

  • Burn away anything that no longer serves you

  • Radically declutter the unimportant, both physically and emotionally

  • Connect more deeply to spirit, whatever that is for you

  • Do the work necessary to achieve personal peace and tranquility

  • Clear any persistent mental blocks, emotional barriers, and unhealthy ways of relating

  • Live from alignment, be your truth, shine

  • Learn how to achieve and exceed impossible goals

  • Develop friendships and relationships that nurture and support you

  • Fall in love with your life

  • Love yourself unconditionally

I need to be really clear from the outset: This program is NOT for everyone. Warrior training is HARD. But for those few incredible people with the daring to try and the grit to see the process through, the rewards will be beyond anything you can imagine.

This program is for you if:

  • You suspect you have much more potential than you've ever been able to embody

  • You're disenchanted with "the grind", consumerism, and shallow modern values

  • You want to find out how it feels to live as the most vibrant and fully expressed version of yourself

  • You keep starting and stopping moving towards your goals, and inwardly know a radical shift is required

  • You're ready to find out what you're capable of at 100% power. 

  • You've had enough of banging into the same limited thinking patterns, problems, and "life lessons" over and over again

  • Your personal development work isn't going deep enough, you need to get it into the muscle.

  • You're willing to be scared and give your life a complete overhaul.

  • You have an element of batshit crazy (you'll need it!)

What you get

  • Weekly video group coaching calls for 2 hours

  • Calls are recorded and sent to everyone for review and reflection

  • Each week we explore a new element of the warrior work, setting ourselves tasks and challenges to embody the learning

  • Support through your physical challenge of becoming fully embodied

  • A written check-in by everyone each week

  • A private Warrior Circle group on Facebook to ask questions, dive deeper into discussions, and support each other.

  • A warrior feast at the end of the program to celebrate returning to the world as warriors. There will be rite of passage work, which may or may not include firewalking, drinking mead, and accepting a symbol of your achievement.

When do we begin?

The next Warrior Circle begins

January 9th 2020

Six spaces are available, two are already reserved.

Your investment 

The price for the entire program and everything included in it is only £1800 if paid in advance, or six monthly payments of £350. A deposit of £350 is payable upon taking up your space, which is deducted from the balance. 


Transformational Life Coaching

Take a moment to clear your mind and open your heart... and wait.


Listen to the silence, and the beating of your heart. 

Clear away any ideas of how you should be, and what you should want.

Just for a moment, put those down. You can always pick them up later if you choose.

Imagine putting down other people's expectations of you. 

All those roles you play: parent, child, friend, colleague, your job, your home life...

Lift them off and away from you. Put them over there for now.


Be aware of feeling lighter. More possible. The tendrils of your potential unfurling to reach out into the unexplored. Notice the ways you identify yourself. Tall, small, strong, sad, pretty, fat, rich, poor, lucky...What ARE you? All those traits, those ideas of immovable stuckness, put them down.

What is there in the silence? What is left?

You are not a THING. You are a human, BEING.

Always moving, changing, evolving. 

Creating yourself with each thought, each insight, each action.

You are a miracle unfolding.

Now. In this place of pure possibility, what would you most LOVE to create?

Transformational life coaching is designed for you if you are DONE with life feeling average, and you are ready to make it phenomenal. The way we work isn't about layering on more. More skills, more techniques, more life hacks. Sure, you'll learn those too, but that's pretty basic stuff. The juicy stuff happens when we start peeling back. Lifting away layer after layer of the stories you've told yourself about who you are and what you are capable of. Our work goes DEEP, inch by inch revealing more of who you are, boring down to the seam of gold, the flash of genius in you, and working from that place. Your most natural, authentic, creative, and brilliant self.


From that place, everything becomes possible.


What you get

  • Initial 2 hour deep coaching call

  • Weekly 1 hour video coaching calls

  • Weekly self-coaching report

  • Weekly coaching by email or messenger

  • Unlimited access by text and messenger 7 days per week

  • Personalised goals for coaching including:

~ Discovering and aligning with your life purpose 

Optimised health and fitness

~ Greater wealth

~ An exciting and fulfilling love life

~ Deeper work satisfaction

~ Robust happiness

~ Closer relationships with family and friends

~ An uncluttered and nurturing home environment

~ More creativity and joyful abandon

~ Profound inner peace

~ Confidence, presence, impact

~ Abundant energy

~ Play and adventure

~ Spare time

~ Fearless courage


Your investment

The price for a six month transformational coaching program is £2400, or six monthly payments of £450 per month.


Becoming a Warrior

Becoming a Warrior is a splice between a coaching program and an apprenticeship. Living and sharing these principles is my own heartsong work. This private coaching is not for the faint of heart, and is suitable only for the very few who are willing to surrender their life as they live it now to experience a metamorphosis. Through embodiment and integration of the warrior principles, you follow in the footsteps of ascended masters.


The path is not easy. It is uncomfortable, and will test you beyond your limits. But for the daring few, it is worth it. For those who make it to the finish line, life will never be the same again. From the outside, the changes look like magic. But you and I both know that with the right heat, the right pressure, and a strong container, creating a diamond is inevitable. People looking in will see sparkles and inner light, but we will both know what you came through to transform the very structure of your being.

Warrior work encompasses 27 principles:


/ Iron Word / Integrity / Level Eyes / Ownership / Non-Violation / Commitment /



/ Alignment / Ballistic Movement / Deliberate Resistance / Restraint / Yield / Mastery /



/ Courage and Faith / Mother Earth, Father Sky / Purpose / Compassion / Love / 



/ Beginner's Mind / Death and Freedom / Surrender of Ego / Presence and Flow / Empty Mind /



/ Polarity / No Story / Collapsing Time and Space / Paradox / Limitless Being /

What if I told you there is a completely different kind of human being walking alongside you? People playing life by a different rule book entirely? 

Imagine waking up and having a complete and definite sense of purpose; a sense of rightness about your life. Imagine feeling aligned all the way through. Imagine being the person who IS all those things you have always wanted to be. Imagine feeling fit, healthy and vital. Imagine waking up in the morning feeling at full power with enough energy and motivation to move your whole world, and dropping into bed at night feeling full of gratitude and body-tired from an exhilarating day in which you utilised everything – your mind, body, and heart.

Imagine being the person who always keeps their word, no matter what. Imagine feeling strong and confident in every area, from the physical capability of your body, to your ability to meet new people, to your capability of rising to challenges you have not yet seen. Imagine feeling completely comfortable and at home in your skin. Imagine feeling unafraid – unafraid of anything. Consider that for a moment; how would you be different if you were no longer afraid to die? And how different would the quality of your life be if you were able to find joy and beauty in the smallest of things, and celebrate those things with all your being? To feel loved and held completely. How would it be to be the toughest person you know, physically and more importantly, emotionally? How would it feel to know that, when you decide to create something new in the world that you will never, ever, ever give up?

When I think of someone like that, I think of the word “unstoppable”. I think of heroes. My mind conjures magical images of people filling up with some other-worldly energy, like an inner light that glows so brightly you can literally see it in and around them.

This is how becoming a warrior feels.

Please make no mistake, this is an intensive process that requires a substantial investment not only of your money, but your time, your courage, your focus and your power. It is NOT suitable for everyone. I can only take 1-2 applicants per year, and it is important that we are a perfect fit for coaching. As such, there is a detailed application and a high bar for entry. Throughout the process we work closely together, side by side as fellow warriors. 

What you get

  • Initial 2 hour deep coaching call

  • Weekly 90 minute video coaching calls 

  • Sessions face to face if travel allows

  • Weekly self-coaching, tracking and journaling 

  • Weekly coaching by email or messenger

  • Personalised goals for coaching as with the Transformational Coaching Package


  • Deep exploration and practical application of the Warrior principles to fundamentally elevate the nature of how you think, feel, love, and work

  • Close support around your physical development and training, transcending what you previously thought was possible for you

  • Unlimited access by text and messenger 7 days per week

  • An 8 hour face to face, one-to-one coaching intensive every 4 months (be prepared to step well outside your comfort zone for this!)

Intake Process

You can apply for Warrior Coaching at any time. Unless we have already worked together, there will be 2-3 video calls to explore your suitability for this work, and whether I am the right coach to take your hand and lead you through the membrane into the world of the Warrior. There is no fee to undertake the application process.

Your investment

The price for this one year private coaching program is £10,000, or twelve monthly payments of £895 per month. Payment plans are available for the right applicant.

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